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Master Path Program

This Program is designed for committed members of the Academy who wish to pursue a Path of Self-Mastery, making Kung Fu an integral part of their overall lifestyle to enhance their health and success.

The Masters Path Program covers curriculum from White Belt to 5th Degree Black Belt, including all Black Belt Program Training – plus comprehensive instruction and training in Northern Shaolin Long Fist; Xing YiWing ChunBaguaTai Chi and other exotic Kung Fu forms. It also features training in 50 weapons from multiple styles; Wooden Man and Body Opponent Bag applications; eligibility for Instructor Training; and accelerated rank advancement (subject to approval by a Master Instructor.)

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United Kung Fu, LLC Located at
Laurie Dibble
8279 W. Lake Pleasant Pkwy
Suite 108
Peoria, AZ 85382
Phone#: 623-972-7900
United Kung Fu specializes in teaching traditional Kung Fu with modern applications. Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese Martial Art and self-cultivation system. The phrase Kung Fu translates as hard work, time and effort or you might call it sweat time. The practice of Kung Fu was originally conceived by the Buddhist Monks in the Honan Province of Northern China. Its roots date back thousands of years, and it was initially developed as a way to discipline the mind and body, encompassing a wide range of martial arts styles and techniques over time.