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Security & Safety


Do not admit anyone to your room without receiving identification. A Peep-Hole is provided in your door for your convenience. If there is any doubt about the person's true identity, please contact the Front desk. 


Double Locks

For additional security, utilize the deadbolt lock and safety bar provided on your door. When leaving your room, ensure that your door is closed tightly and locked. Also, ensure that any connecting room door and windows are closed and locked. 


Keycard/Electronic Guest Room Door Locks

Safeguard your keycard. Do not leave it in your room. Do not give your keycard to others. Alert the Front Desk immediately if your keycard is lost or stolen. Return your keycard to the front desk upon check out. New keycards will not be issued without proper identification.


Parking Lot and Other Hotel Areas

Be observant. Look around before you go outside of the hotel and check the interior of your vehicle before entering it. Do not park beside anyone sitting or standing by a car. Do not leave valuable items in your vehicle and lock your vehicle when leaving it. If you are returning late, use the main entrance. If you see anything suspicious, inside or outside of the hotel, immediately contact the Front Desk.



Dial 9+911. Never smoke in the hotel. Always unplug personal electrical appliances such as irons, hair dryers, and curling irons.



  • Pre-plan your escape route. Locate the two nearest exits to your room and the fire alarms and extinguishers. 
  • Put your keycard in the same place whenever you return to your room.
  • Check how windows and vents work in your room.


In Case of Fire

  • When you hear an alarm, ACT, don't hesitate. Do not panic.
  • If a fire is in your room, leave if you can and close the door. Pull the nearest fire alarm and contact the Front Desk. Exit by the stairway.
  • If the fire is not in your room, feel the door for heat before opening. If it is cool, open it slowly and go to the nearest exit, staying close to the floor if there is smoke. Take your keycard with you so you can return if the exits are blocked.
  • Remain in your room if the door is hot or exit path is blocked. Seal door cracks with wet towels. Open windows and shutt off fans and air conditioners. Fill the bathtub and sink with cold water for firefighting. If your room is smoky, tie a wet towel over your nose and mouth and stay low. Call the fire department and wait to be rescued. 



Tornadoes may occur without warning and usually accompany a thunderstorm. Stay tuned to an emergency broadcast station if thunderstorms are predicted. In the event of a tornado, please more to the lower level hallway which is the safest part of the building.

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GrandStay Hotel & Suites
114 W Minnesota Ave
Glenwood Minnesota 56334
(320) 334-3700
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