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DCT700 All-Digital Set-top

DCT700 All-Digital Set-top
The DCT700 works with cable systems which have converted to "All Digital"
format. It does not contain an analog TV tuner. Receives digital channels and
Interactive Program Guide (TV
Guide Partner Site), to provide more choice, convenience, and control with
hundreds of Digital Cable channels and an easy way to navigate to your personal
favorites. You can even receive Entertainment On Demand with VCR like
capabilities such as pause, rewind, and fast forward (availability depends upon
what's offered by your local service provider).
With the DCT700 "ALL DIGITAL" cable set-top, you're able to receive today's
widest range of cable television offerings - with a compact, convenient set-top.
If your cable service provider transmits all their channels in a digital format,
you'll be ready to access them with all the BIG capability in this small device
which is easy to fit in any location where you have a TV.
Dimensions: 5.5W x 6.5L x 1.75H
With standard A/V connections, connection to your TV and
home entertainment system is simple and easy (see
the user guide here).
Once you've experienced digital cable powered by Motorola, you'll never want
to go back to plain old TV! Get onto the digital cable pipeline today with the
powerful, convenient, flexible and simple to install DCT700
"ALL DIGITAL" digital cable set-top.
Available only through your local service provider.

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