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What is a contractor?
In the construction industry at least, a person who hires others is called a contractor. On large jobs involving many construction skills, a single general contractor is usually hired, who in turn hires subcontractors. He or she will oversee and coordinate all of the work, pay the subcontractors, or subs (tradespeople hired by the contractor to perform specialized tasks), purchase the materials and take on the responsibility for completing the entire job. Contractors can often buy materials at a better price than homeowners and, because subcontractors get most of their work from general contractors, a general contractor usually has more success scheduling subs than a homeowner would.

The initial call
As a homeowner, you can hire tradespeople directly, saving the markup that a contractor charges for his services. But, if you're planning an extensive project, such as building or remodeling a house, you'll probably want a general contractor. Call several and pre-qualify them on the phone by asking the following four questions:

  • Can they handle your job and time frame?
  • Can they provide references of satisfied customers?
  • Do they have plenty of experience with jobs like yours?

If they answer "yes" to all of the above, request a meeting and ask them to bring along names and phone numbers of satisfied customers and, if possible, photographs of successful work.

Interviewing a contractor
When each general contractor arrives, look for clues to his or her professionalism. Are they wearing a uniform or dressed appropriately for their trade? Is their truck well maintained?

During the meeting:

  • Discuss all of the work you intend to have done.
  • Review any plans or drawings you have.
  • Ask for suggestions about changes that might save you money.
  • Ask the contractor how many jobs he or she may have ongoing at a given time, in order to get an idea of how much direct supervision your job will receive.

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David R. Webb Builders, Inc
8809 Lynch Rd
Ottawa Lake Michigan 49267
(734) 856-6711
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