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Family Emergency Kit - Shipped

$449.00 (+ sales tax if applicable)

Protect your family or small group with this exceedingly well-designed rolling kit, which serves four people for up to three days. It is packed with an amazingly large selection of items that will provide you with the capabilities necessary to handle multiple types of disaster scenarios. Surprisingly compact and well-organized, this kit stores easily. The kit is organized in such a way that the most urgently needed items are the most accessible. Designed to be stored inside a home or office, this kit can be used inside in cases of entrapment, shelter-in-place or lockdown orders. In structure evacuations, such as in the aftermath of a major earthquake. At about 45 pounds, most people can also lift it into a vehicle when an area evacuation is necessary.

Many of the items inside have multiple uses that may not be obvious at first to the uninitiated. For instance, the white sandbag tarps can not only be used to cover broken windows or to protect critical computers, but can be marked up with messages and used as signaling flags to helicopters and emergency aircraft overhead. The actual kit container may vary but is usually approximately  25" long x 15" wide x 17" high. The contents address virtually every functional area of post-disaster need, in most cases with items that have shelf lives of five years or more, including the Coast Guard Approved water and food rations.  

All levels of government, from federal to local, are URGING citizens to become more prepared. While almost every true disaster lasts longer than three days, this kit is an excellent starting point. For those who have accumulated some extra essentials at home, this kit will not only supplement, but give you the option to "get out of Dodge" in a hurry, if needed, because all major functional items are included in one, easy to manage and compact box. Don't wait until it's too late!

Shipping is included in the basic price anywhere in the continental U.S. Order NOW! Recommended by gro-Organic.

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