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On Duty Gas Shut Off Wrench - Will Call

$19.75 (+ sales tax if applicable)
Made In USA

When disaster strikes, the On Duty Emergency Tool offers four distinct features that may improve your capabilities and outcomes. This non-sparking tool is GREAT at shutting off residential natural gas valves with ease. This non-rusting tool also has a feature for shutting down many styles (but not all) residential water shut-off valves. Designed by a professional firefighter especially for the Southern California market, the tool is very lightweight but exceptionally strong. It includes a pry bar and also a digging tool. The design also lends itself well to various ways of attaching the wrench near your gas valve, if you choose to do that (consumers should first consider whether or not this would be a location secure from potential vandalism or theft).

Particularly in earthquakes, leaking natural gas is a very serious hazard. In an event on the San Andreas, for instance, recent studies indicate there will be at least 1600 raging fires, some of which will become super-conglagrations, burning entire neighborhoods to the ground. Every homeowner who has an On Duty Emergency Tool will be that much more able to respond to a need to shut off the gas before fire erupts. With this tool in your hands, you can also pry open jammed doors to get to trapped family members. This is a MUST HAVE item in earthquake country, and an excellent tool to have on hand in a variety of other disaster-prone regions. Order now!

Price assumes customer pick-up in our offices or local delivery to Monrovia, Duarte or Irwindale, CA, and includes applicable sales tax.

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