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Hawaiian Islands Tea Pineapple Waikiki Black Tea

$6.95 (+ sales tax if applicable)
Made In USA

Our special Pineapple Waikiki Black tea blend contains only all-natural ingredients. Enjoy in each sip the Pineapple's sweet and zesty flavor.

Each box contains 20 individually sealed tea bags.

INGREDIENTS: Black tea, flavored with Pineapple flavoring and flavor notes from other tropical flavors.

ABOUT PINEAPPLES: The delicious Pineapple is one of the world's most popular exotic fruits. Also called the "King of Fruits." A number of commercial varieties of Pineapple exist, all from "Ananas comosus" in the bromeliad family

Pineapples grow well in Hawaii and throughout the tropical world. Pineapples do not grow on trees or bushes, but instead crown the top of a cactus-like plant. Commercially grown Pineapples generally weigh between 1 and 5 pounds.

Interestingly, Pineapples do not get sweeter after they are picked. During growth starch in the plant's leaves converts to sugar and goes directly into the ripening fruit. Once picked the Pineapple is as sweet as it gets. Pineapples should be picked at the time of optimal sweetness.

On the Pineapple's outer rind can be seen a number of hexagonal sections that appear to fit together like a puzzle. Each of these hexagonal sections is a botanically individual fruit. All of these individual fruits merge to form the overall Pineapple. Replanting the Pineapple's crown is possible and it can grow and bear another Pineapple fruit in about 18 months.


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