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Granite Audio Cables and Power Cords


Introducing Granite Audio, the exceptional high-end audiophile manufacturer with one-of-a-kind professional, personal service. Don Hoglund personally provides the information and the resources to recommend the perfect solution in equipment selection and problem-solving options in speaker cables, interconnects and power cords. Don manufacturers, bench tests and quality-control checks each and every product from Granite Audio, personally. He custom builds the quietest vacuum tube preamplifier on the planet. The highest quality interconnects and power cords, with better quality and performance than the competition, even at more than 10x the cost of Granite Audio cables.

Each individual interconnect, cable and power cord from Granite Audio has documentation and spectrum analysis photographs included with the cable, verifying the absolutely incredible performance of each and every product that is custom manufactured by this 'one of a kind' audiophile company. If you want the best cables, power cords and interconnects on the planet, and at a reasonble price, audition the dramatic improvements that are possible by substituting Granite Audio cables in your high end audiophile system of electronics and speakers.

Checkout the complete system approach of Granite Audio, from the vacuum tube preamplifier, to the incredible power cords and interconnects, to the awesome monoblock power amplifiers described in detail on their website www.graniteaudio.com and then call Sweet Spot High End Audio at (623) 533-4433 for a personal appointment and a private audition.

Bring along your favorite CDs and Vinyl collection, and prepare to hear music for the very first time in your life - the difference between what you believe is reality in recorded performances, and what is possible with the right combination of components and equipment, carefully matched and selected to re-create the artist's performance - is so dramatic an improvement, that it is not possible to imagine the difference, without actually experiencing the transformation in a private audition of the Granite Audio experience, available exclusively with Bill Coomes at Sweet Spot Home Theaters & High End Audio.

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