Abrasion Lesions


Tooth decay is the most common way teeth deteriorate, but there are several other issues that impact the health of your teeth, and can lead to damage.

Abrasion lesions are when there has been an abnormal loss of the surface of the tooth. These appear as indentations at the bottom of the tooth. These abrasion lesions occur for various reasons, including the following:

  • The continuous use of hard-bristle toothbrushes
  • Brushing teeth with too much force over the years
  • Improper use of toothpicks or dental floss
  • Placing pens, pencils, pins, or other hard objects between your teeth
  • Drinking or eating many acidic food items
  • A habit of chewing forcefully
  • Lip piercings that rub against the teeth

Abrasion lesions can also occur from improperly fitted dental clasps on restorations such as dentures that have continuously rubbed on the surface of the tooth, wearing it away, or porcelain teeth that have been improperly fitted. Any former restorations that were improperly fitted may need to be replaced to avoid further damage to the surface of the tooth.


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