About AZ Barbeque Catering

AZBarbeque Catering is one of the Original BBQ greats here in Arizona.We proudly serve on site, drop off or pick up meals. We can serve on site from 50 3000. We can accommodate all shifts and all hours.Back when we were tailgating, we enjoyed BBQing different menu items each game.Over time, we found our favorites and perfected them.To this day we continue that great tradition.All the food on our menu are items that we all enjoy and consider our favorites.We take pride in cooking only the best meats and sides and our passion shows in the quality of our food. We slow smoke all of our meats until they reach the perfect temperature and have the perfect flavor.

Our meats are Smoked Memphis Style which means we only use our dry rubs on them, no sauce.We have several great sauces on our condiment table that complement our meat, but we believe the BBQ Meat needs to stand on its own and be enjoyed.

AZBarbeque Catering is a true Arizona Based Family Owned Business.Let us know how we can help make your event the best it can be.

AZ Barbeque Catering

Michael Reimann,
10845 W Deanna Drive
Sun City, Arizona 85373
Access our Mobile App by texting AZBARBEQUE to 21777