About Deb's Curbside Cupcakes

You may have seen Curbie, our cupcake truck out and about. We set up at locations throughout Albany, Sylvester and Leesburg with the areas best sweet treats

Check out were Curbie will be this week. CURBIES SCHEDULE

Debs Curbside Cupcakes does not have the traditional Brick and Mortar store front. We are strictly mobile. Cupcakes and treats can be purchased from Curbie our cupcake truck at one of our various venue locations. You can find Curbie by checking the calendar page of our website or our FACEBOOK page or TWITTER. Debs will also deliver treats with or without the truck to locations and events to your venue location in Albany, Leesburg & Sylvester areas.

Do you want a change from your ordinary birthday party or corporate event? Thinking of a way to add something special to your upcoming wedding or shower? Do you want a unique idea for your block party or promotional event? Curbie is available to provide delicious treats.

Do you want Curbie at you event? For information on booking Curbie for your wedding, birthday party, shower, family reunion, community, promotional and corporate events visit our EVENT CATERING page.

Deb's is fully licensed by the Cities of Albany, Lee County, Leesburg & Sylvester. Our kitchen is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and therefore is not subject to inspection by the Health Department. We do however, follow all guidelines for sanitation & food safety and are certified through ServSafe.

Deb's Curbside Cupcakes

Debbie Morefield,
622 Morgan St
Albany, Georgia 31791
Access our Mobile App by texting DEBSCCUPCAKES to 21777