About Life Development Institute

In 1982, LDI program efforts began with working with a multitude of state and local agencies to provide services for clients with LD and related emotional/behavioral disorders. Creative community relationships enhance effective partnerships with a variety of state agencies, adult literacy programs, vocational/technical programs, and local colleges.

The program and founders were the recipients of numerous local and national awards recognizing contributions to individuals with LD and promoting literacy in the community. These included a Presidential Points of Light award in 1992 from President Bush (41st President) and a special citation from Fife Symington, the Governor of Arizona.

Students arrive at LDI with a wide spectrum of issue, goals, and objectives. The LDI staff work with students to identify and understand both their personal assets andlimitations-not just in the realm of disabilities, but as human beings. This approach assists in students understanding how to develop the self-awarenessneeded to face the challenges of the adult world.

At LDI, students have opportunities to learn to build personal organizational skills, planning/prioritizing important time management/scheduling with staff. Then, it is expected for the students to put this knowledge and information into practical application. These are some of the skills need to carry on daily adult lives beyond the program.

LDI offers private residential internationally recognized and fully-accredited high school, college and career-focused programs for young adults with special education needs due to Learning Disabilities, Aspergers, ADHD, Autism and similar conditions in beautiful Arizona. Together with a competent and dedicated staff of caring professionals, LDI staff and its administrators are passionately devoted to actively working with and supporting parents who are eager for a place where their young adult child can become more independent to thrive, succeed and explore their full potential in life.

Life Development Institute

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