About Peoria Times/Pueblo Publishers, Inc.

Published weekly since 1952, the Peoria Times is owned and operated exclusively by Pueblo Publishers, Inc. The Peoria Times is an active member of the Peoria Chamber of Commerce and the Arizona Newspapers Association (ANA). Pueblo Publishers, Inc. is an independent, locally owned and operated newspaper publishing corporation.

The Peoria Times is published weekly Friday morning and delivered to paid subscribers by the U.S. Postal Service. Additional copies are distributed by newsstand, counter sales, and bulk deliveries located throughout Peoria. The single copy price is $0.50 and the annual in-county subscription rate is $25.

The advertising deadline is 4p.m. Monday prior to publication. The open rate for display advertising is $7.20 per column inch: Full page $691.20, half page $345.60, quarter page $172.80, and eighth page $86.40. Spot and full process color advertising is also available. The rate for single sheet insert placement is $285, full distribution. All advertising rates are net to publisher, non-commissionable, plus applicable sales tax.

Peoria Times/Pueblo Publishers, Inc.

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