About Flatwoods Management, LLC

South Prong Hunt Club offers members exceptional deer, turkey, and hog hunting in North Florida. Established in 2003, it consists of 3,000 acres of leased land from Rayonier and Plum Creek Timber lands.

South Prong Hunt Club is located in Baker County, FL, just 30 miles west of Jacksonville.

Doug Moore, president of South Prong Hunt Club, owns 2,400 acres and leases 600 acres in the middle of the club properties, which is hunted mainly by his family and occasional guests. This land and wildlife is intensely managed, which benefits the adjoining club land.

The membership cost are $1,300 per year and gives you 365 day access to the lease. A camp house, utilities, safe storage of equipment and game cleaning facilities are supplied. There is a $250 camp fee that is due on September 1 that helps cover the cost of insurance, camp improvements and repairs.

Flatwoods Management, LLC

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