About Baker County Health Department

The mission of the Department of Health is to promote and protect the health and safety of all Floridians. Our goals are attained by preventing and controlling the spread of acute, chronic and infectious disease; providing basic family health care and Dental services to persons unable to access care from the private sector; and monitoring the sanitary status of water and sewage systems, group living facilities and other activities that have the potential to threaten the public's health. The department also provides early intervention and medical services to children with special health care needs.

Dr. J. Frank Curtis was appointed the first Sanitrary Agent in 1902. In 1913, the State was divided into seven districts. Dr. Clarence H. Hobbs was in charge of the Central District, comprising of Hamilton, Suwanee, Columbia, Baker, Bradford, Alachua, and Levy counties. The Headquartes for the district was inGainesville, FL. In 1916, the State was divided into eight districts. The Enabling Act, passed by the State Legislature in 1931, gave authority for the State Board of Health and Counties to establish local health committee.

Baker County Health Department

Olivia Ellis,
480 West Lowder Street
Macclenny, Florida 32063
(904) 653-5237
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