About Family Funeral Alliance, Inc.

MISSION: "Undertaking Fair Funerals One Step At A Time"

Family Funeral Alliance, INC. is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, designed to provide programs and services to the bereaved in South Florida. We believe in having access to resources that build unity, sustainability, and a connection to earth, self and universe.

We address funeral poverty and fair funerals.

Our vision is to lower the cost of dying in America while 'undertaking' one funeral at a time. We assist families and work within their budget to create meaningful ceremonies. With stories, beliefs and values as inspiration - personalized services will truly reflect and honor the deceased.

At Family Funeral Alliance, we feel it is our obligation, responsibility, and pleasure to give back to the community in which we do business.

Family Funeral Alliance, Inc.

PO BOX 601832
MIAMI, Florida 33160-0000
(305) 992-2807
Access our Mobile App by texting FFUNERALALLIANCE to 21777