About Perfect Ohm

Perfect Ohm is a holistic healthcare clinic dedicated to alternative and integrative therapies and treatments for all types of conditions. Several of the modalities used include Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and Chinese herbal formulas, Homeopathy, Home toxicology, and Acupoint Injection Therapy. We accept patients from infancy to elderly, and take great pride in our care. Perfect Ohm also includes therapies like facial rejuvenation, acupuncture "face-lifts", mesotherapy, massage therapy, and facials. And, we have a full line of homeopathic as well as herbal medicine which is prepared in-house and tailored to your needs. We accept most health insurances! Contrary to belief, acupuncture and other therapies offered at Perfect Ohm are usually covered by your health insurance. Dr. Jennifer S. Lopez specializes in various holistic methods to be able to adjust and tailor one-of-a-kind treatments. A thorough consultation is made and every aspect of your life is assessed, regardless of your complaints. Using a holistic approach, everything is taken into consideration. Not only will you be coming in for just a treatment, you will be coming in and learning different aspects of diagnosis, and how lifestyle changes can improve your overall wellness.

Perfect Ohm

Jennifer Lopez,
17158 NE 19 Avenue
North Miami beach, Florida 33162
(305) 650-1195
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