About Millennium Springs Water, INC.

Millennium Springs Water Incorporated, or MSW Inc., acquires its water from an aquifer. An Aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing material such as rock, sand, gravel or silt, from which groundwater can be extracted. Our Aquifer source has two secured production wells, each capable of supplying 18,000 gallons per hour. We then pipe the water into our facility then pump the water through our state of the art production line for bottling and packaging

The geological formation of clay lenses, sand and gravel supplies us with the best filtration system known to man. Any water that passes through this filtration system has all impurities naturally removed. The process does not require reverse osmosis, a natural bath to add taste or softeners to eliminate hardness. MSW is pure natural water; nothing added and nothing taken away, just great tasting, premium quality drinking water,the way nature intended.

Millennium Springs Water, INC.

Ed Cross Jr.,
12641 HIghway 59
Uriah, Alabama 36480
(251) 862-2960
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