About Chester Public Utility District

Chester Public Utility District strives to provide safe and reliable public services, including:

  • Fast and efficient fire and emergency medical response to all emergencies
  • Reliable delivery of safe drinking water in sufficient quantities
  • Collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater
  • Fast and efficient response to water and wastewater service emergencies
  • Administration of quality solid waste, recycle and streetlight services

We manage district resources in an open, responsible and environmentally sound manner while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Chester Fire Department's focus is rapid response to all emergencies and providing the appropriate level of the intervention while continually striving to improve delivery of service.

Core Values to the Community:
We owe our community the highest level of service. We provide this service with the highest level of pride, professionalism and integrity both on and off duty.

Core Values to the Department:
We owe Chester Fire Department full commitment and dedication. We seek to contantly improve our department through training, teamwork and sense of community while promoting organizational effectiveness.

Chester Public Utility District

Joe Waterman,
P. O. Box 503
Chester, California 96020
(530) 258-2171
Access our Mobile App by texting CPUD to 72727