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The Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization located in Greenville California. We strive to promote the local businesses in Indian Valley, as well as our members out of the area. Indian Valley includes the areas of Greenville, Taylorsville, Canyon Dam, Indian Falls, Genesee, and Crescent Mills. The magnificent beauty, lush forests, and clear lakes are what makes Indian Valley so special. The chamber offers a variety of services. Web hosting being the newest, we offer web hosting at $20 per year to chamber members. This includes your own personal domain name! (www.example.com).

About Indian Valley

Our picturesque mountain meadow land has been enchanting visitors since pioneer explorers first came here during the golden days of '49. Peter Lassen, the controversial Dane, found the area so attractive he took time out from his travels of exploration to erect a cabin and open a trading post on the sun side of the valley during the summer of 1851. The region was called Cache Valley at the time; the name was subsequently changed by the Noble party which passed through the area and was impressed by the number of natives residing here.

Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce

Lillian Basham,
408 Main Street
Greenville, California 95947
(530) 284-6633
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