About MJW Investments, LLC

Matthews role at MW Investment Group spans an impressive skill set. From sourcing and managing leads, assessing project feasibility, managing project prep, legal matters, and development of associates. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Southern California in Urban Planning and Real Estate Development and continues to enrich the company with his diverse and innovating knowledge.
MW Investment Group has a proven track record of successful real estate development projects. Combined with more than 25 years experience Developing Urban Infill Projects, weve created the complete launch pad for major growth over the next decade.
We have a solid reputation for our creative and collective work approach helping us partner with property owners and municipalities to redevelop and reenergize underperforming properties.
We approach projects with all the details in mind: starting with a conceptual planning stage and the development of the project into a formal submittal. From there, most projects require a General Plan Amendment (or GPA), a Zone Change, a Specific Plan (SP), or a Variance in order to begin redevelopment.

Well take care of identifying the redevelopment opportunity, preparing the conceptual site plan, and developing the Entitlement Profile within the sites city.
Weve been successful in carrying out this plan for over 1,100 residential units since 2009 a portfolio that totals over $500,000,000 in combined developed value.

MJW Investments, LLC

Matthew Waken,
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