About Marisela Adams - Author

I am a fiction writer: murder, mystery, suspense, romance, science fiction. I'm also working on non-fiction in my areas of expertise, but those books will not be available immediately because I have several fiction projects that I"m completing.

My latest book is KissZZZzzz, a spy thriller. A double agent for the US has acquired a dangerous micro-chip with vital information for the US and she is seeking a portal to come in. All portals are closed, so a special double agent is sent out to create one and bring in double agent KissZZZzzz. Throughout the story, the two double agents have to fight their way across four continents to finally bring in the dangerous time sensitive micro-chip.

For a copy signed by me, send a check or money order to
M. Adams-RomanceCalling
PO Box 1084
Duarte, CA 91009

The book is available throuh my website, www.romancecalling.com. For your convenience you can pay through PayPal or use your credit card.

My books are also available on Amazon.com and bn.com. However, you won't get a signed copy using these sources because the book goes directly to you from the company.

Marisela Adams - Author

Marisela Adams,
PO Box 1084
Duarte, California 91009
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