About Fresh Scent Air Freshner

Fresh Scent doesn't just cover up problem odor. Through the use of natural and organic compounds, Fresh Scent fragrances scientifically bind with odors to neutralize them on contact. The air freshener is placed within a dispenser; the dispenser has a fan to disperse the scent.

Fresh Scent can be placed anywhere! We service nursing homes, offices, restaurants, day cares, and anywhere else that a sweet fragrance would be welcome. Also, homes may purchase the fan unit to keep as their own. We don't service units in the home, but additional fragrances can be purchased.

We also sell the dispenser at a very reasonable price for your home, $42.00 to buy the dispenser, 2 scents of your choice, 2 batteries and the wicks. refills after you buy the dispenser is only $6.00. My services are only $10.00 every 4 weeks to service your dispenser. You never have to worry about the scent, it will always be fresh for you.

Fresh Scent Air Freshner

Cathy Reister,
7020 Oakwood Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32211
(904) 626-8991
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