About Sam's Crystal River Seafood

Sam Bajalia retired from Sav-A-Stop as vice president after a successful career of 32 years. Although retired, Sam was not ready to quit working. Sam decided that opening a restaurant would be a great opportunity, since his sons, Sam Jr. and Mike always dreamed of being in the restaurant business. They knew the restaurant business would be tough and require constant hands-on operation, but they knew seafood and they knew that they could cook it right! Sam Sr. and Mike Bajalia opened their first seafood restaurant in Orange Park in 1982, two blocks from the St. Johns River thus the name Sam's St. John's Seafood. Their motto was "Service is the Heart of our Business". Meanwhile, Sam Jr. had teamed up with another ex-vice president of Sav-A-Stop, Bill Scott. Sam Jr. and Bill opened the first Crystal River Seafood in Tallahassee, FL in 1988. Their motto was "Quality That's Clear to See". Keeping to the basics and treating everyone like family has helped the Bajalia is over the years. Since the passing of Sam Sr in 2005, the sons have continued to grow the business. They have a total of eleven Sam's St. John's & Crystal River Seafood Restaurants. They have opened in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Ocala, Tallahassee, and Macclenny, Florida. There's also a Crystal River Seafood in Valdosta, Georgia and Dothan, Alabama. The Bajalia family appreciates your patronage and continues to adhere to both mottos with the strongest of convictions. They will always serve the best seafood available with great service and a smile!

Sam's Crystal River Seafood

Michael Scarbrough,
1152 South Sixth Street
Macclenny, Florida 32063
(904) 259-3522
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