About Duarte Community Coordinating Council (DCCC)

The Duarte Community Coordinating Council - Strength In Numbers

- D.C.C.C. is an alliance of Community Service and Non-Profit groups serving the greater Duarte area.

- Provides activities, aid and other resources to people of all ages in the community.

- A single place for volunteers and others interested in helping their community to find compatible local groups needing help in assisting those in need.

By working together, the D.C.C.C. can help achieve much more than a single organization on their own. It is a single point of contact for local non-profit and community service groups needing assistance with their projects as well as for people seeking to volunteer in their community or those in need of services or referrals. If you are interested in being a volunteer in one of our local groups, please see our list of members and call them.

Originally formed to coordinate calendars and events, the D.C.C.C. combined efforts at the Buena Vista Pavilion where the Tournament of Roses parade floats were built and viewed. The D.C.C.C. has been assisting in the Duarte area for over 16 years.

Duarte Community Coordinating Council (DCCC)

Tina Carey,
P.O. Box 1122
Duarte, California 91009-4122
Access our Mobile App by texting DCCC to 72727