About Monroe County Health Foundation

MISSION We Care for Our Community

The Mission of Monroe County Hospital is to care for our community by improving the health and well-being of the people we serve, regardless of their economic or social status, by providing health care, disease prevention and health education services.

PURPOSE Why do we exist?

Monroe County Hospital exists to provide comprehensive, quality healthcare for our community in a compassionate and empathetic manner. Our hospital staff acknowledges the importance of preventive medicine and focuses on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. All of the (30) departments work together to ensure great care is received right here close to home.

VALUES To achieve our vision, we promote these values

  • we provide value to our community by providing cost effective and high quality care
  • we value our customers and their perceptions of our service, and we will maintain a customer service orientation in all we do
  • we value all members of the health care team

Monroe County Hospital recognizes the contributions of the Board of Directors, Medical Staff, Employees, and Volunteers with each and every person playing an important role in the Hospitals ability to meet the communitys health care needs.

VISION To be the health care provider of choice for Monroe and surrounding counties.

To achieve this vision we will strive:

  • to provide as many services as possible for our customers in our community
  • to develop a fully integrated primary care network with selected specialty services
  • to maintain the financial ability to support quality health care at reasonable cost

Monroe County Health Foundation

Christi Dunn,
P.O. Box 886
Monroeville, Alabama 36461
Access our Mobile App by texting MCHF to 72727