About Black Knights Car Club

The Black Knights get involved in many community and individual projects. A recent project enabled them to make a donation of $1,100.00 to an individual. "We really like the fundraisers that have matching funds. All of these activities make us feel like the club is making a difference," the former officer stated.

Members or persons in their families are eligible to apply for a $500.00 scholarship to a college auto body/mechanics program. The club annually awards two $500.00 scholarships.

Cruises and car shows are the typical fare of most car clubs, and the Black Knights hold several of both. One very popular attraction that deviates from the norm, though, is the fall "Airport Drags" event. Former drag events have brought a day of family fun to nearly a thousand spectators and participants.

Black Knights Car Club

Denny Houseman,
1115 11th Ave W
Spencer, Iowa 51301
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