About Royal Oaks

HumanGood is what you get when you combine two nonprofit organizations with rich heritages and a common mission: to help older adults be everything they want to be.

Rewriting the rules of aging

You may not know it, but were living in the midst of a revolution. America and the world are growing older. With older Americans soon to outnumber their children, were seeing vast opportunities and great challenges as we seek to help older adults continue to live with meaning and purpose.

Our path used to be simple. We were born into families, grew into individuals. We started families of our own. Worked a job, built a career. Accomplished things, great and small. In the end, our reward for all this effort was a short period of retirement. A winding down. The end.

Royal Oaks

Mamie Cornett,
1763 Royal Oaks Drive North
Bradbury, California 91010-1999
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