About Northeast FL Regional Council

To be a dynamic network of local governance, providing visionary leadership, advocacy, and coordination between counties and local, state and federal governmental agencies to preserve and enhance the quality of Northeast Floridas economic, natural, built and social environment by:
Actively serving as a convener of regional issues
Fostering public awareness of diverse regional issues
Identifying trends, issues and opportunities for the Region
Building consensus for Regional solutions through coordination and cooperation
Providing a regionally focused forum for comprehensive and functional planning Furnishing technical and administrative assistance to local
governments and other stakeholders, and
Maintaining expertise among staff and pursuing technologies that support the successful implementation of the MISSION.

Regional Planning Councils are authorized by Florida Statutes. There are 10 Regional Planning Councils in the State of Florida.

The Northeast Florida Regional Council, which covers Regional District 4, was formed in 1977 by an inter local agreement, pursuant to Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, to "...establish an organization that will promote area-wide coordination and related cooperative activities of federal, state, and local governments ensuring a broad based regional organization that can provide a truly regional perspective and enhance the ability and opportunity of local governments to resolve issues and problems transcending their individual boundaries."

Northeast FL Regional Council

Brian Teeple,
100 Festival Park Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
(904) 279-0880
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