About George Weeks, DDS

George C. Weeks is a native Floridian. He grew up in Green Cove Springs and attended Florida State University where he received his undergraduate degree and then he went on to receive his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Medical College of Virginia in 1978.

After graduation, Dr. Weeks and his wife, Patricia were looking for a place somewhere in North Florida to call home and raise their family. While driving west on Interstate-10 they stopped for gasoline in Macclenny and never left.

Dr. Weeks is devoted to your comfort and creating an exceptional dental experience and is committed to staying current on all new procedures and techniques to ensure his patients receive the best possible care. He dedicates many hours annually to continuing education on local and national levels. Dr. Weeks is also a proud member of the community and supports the Baker County School System and many local charities and organizations within Baker County.

crowns & veneers
Dental crowns are a secure way to fill gaps and help restore your smile if you have missing or damaged teeth. Porcelain veneers are very thin porcelain facings that are bonded onto the front side of your teeth to change shape, color, size and spacing of your teeth.

partials & dentures
If you have lost some or all of your teeth or are in danger of losing them, we can help you examine your choices and choose the type of partial or denture best for your mouth and your lifestyle.

Teeth Whitening
When people have a brighter smile, they tend to smile more often and are less self-conscious. Teeth whitening can be performed to reduce discoloration and staining, or simply to provide a whiter, brighter smile.

dental fillings
Dental fillings are most commonly used to treat cavities, but theyre also used to repair cracked or broken teeth, or teeth that have been worn down over time. Fillings are a fast and comfortable procedure with us. You will hardly feel your shot, if at all, and we use high-quality composite (tooth colored) fillings.

routine exams
No matter what condition your teeth are in, right now is the best time to begin taking care of them. We will give you a very careful evaluation and help you to take care of and preserve your teeth, one step at a time.

dental hygiene
Our trained hygienists will provide you with thorough dental cleanings and gum care. We blend gentle ultrasonic gum therapy, a thorough teeth cleaning and if needed antibiotic therapy to fight periodontal disease.

George Weeks, DDS

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