About Area Code 55

Area Code 55

is the perfect place to bring the entire family for a satisfying meal. Opened in 2010 and with the most flexible pricing and choices. A Churrascaria can offer an amazing menu selection at affordable prices without jeopardizing the quality of food.


The gaucho is a type of Brazilian cowboy. You will have a traditional dressed gaucho come To your able and offer a selection of meats . Just Relax and Enjoy the Show!

The Indicator

The indicator at your table informs the Gauchos you are ready for the meats. Just by switching the indicator to green. When you want to relax or you are finished, just turn it to red. AT AREA CODE 55. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

Area Code 55

Joao Carvalho,
16375 Biscayne Boulevard
North Miami Beach, Florida 33160-4302
(305) 947-6202
Access our Mobile App by texting areacode55 to 72727