About Billy Barnes Enterprises

Billy Barnes started as a driver in the trucking industry during his teenage years. After running a small veneer mill in Monroeville for 20 years, he returned to trucking when he purchased his first truck in 1975 to haul veneer and logs.

All the original customers are still doing business with us and many of the original employees are still employed. This stability is evidence that the philosophy upon which Billy Barnes and his sons built the company works!

Our business is split into three divisions: flatbeds, chips, and specialized. All three operations are under one roof, but are thought of each separately due to the type of hauling performed.

The chip division operates 85 drivers and tractors, the flatbed division offers 60 drivers and tractors and the specialized division offers 30 drivers and tractors. We train our drivers well and make sure they understand that safety always comes first!

Billy Barnes Enterprises

Terry Kilpatrick,
1626 Highway 21 south
Frisco City, Alabama 36445
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