About mark's BAR-B-QUE

Marks Bar-B-Que has served the community for over 5 years. When it comes to Bbq cuisine we are experts in every way. The meat we prepare is bursting with flavor and will leave you satisfied. We understand barbecue plays a big role in American culture and this is why we serve only outstanding food. For years people have been obsessed with barbecue food and that is why there are so many different ways it is cooked and numerous sauces to go with it. Barbecues are not just meals enjoyed in the privacy of ones home. They are big events where people show up invited or not.

People come to Marks Bar-B-Que knowing we serve authentic barbecue carefully cooked for hours. Guests can be seen enjoying their meal in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. We honor the American tradition of making barbecue and sharing it with the community in a welcoming environment. Our guests socialize with each other while waiting for their meal. No one leaves our restaurant hungry because we are generous with our portions.

Making your own barbecue at home can be time consuming during the week when you have a hectic schedule. Dont ignore your cravings for a scrumptious meal with us. It doesnt matter what time of the year it is people love their barbecue food and Marks Bar-B-Que is devoted to serving you exceptional food.

mark's BAR-B-QUE

Mark Jefcoat,
18 Main Street
Excel, Alabama 36439
Access our Mobile App by texting markbbq to 72727