About guthrie's

Hal Guthrie graduated from Auburn University in 1963. After a couple of years of diversified employment, he opened a drive-in restaurant in Haleyville, Alabama, just 30 miles north of his hometown of Jasper.

Guthries was the extremely popular go-to restaurant for college kids in the 80s, and the brand began to flourish from there. Chris opened stores in Athens, Georgia, and Tallahassee, Florida; Hal opened in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Hud and Joe Kelley opened in Birmingham, Alabama, and Auburn, Alabama; Anna Margaret opened in Jasper, Alabama, and a new location in Haleyville, Alabama. Everybody was falling hard for those Golden Fried Chicken Fingers, crispy fries, buttery Texas Toast, creamy cole slaw and, of course, the Signature Sauce.

We are blessed to have had our family business grow over the past 50 years and are looking forward to serving the rest of the country for years to come.


Joseph Oglesby,
1559 South Alabama Ave po box 1222
Monroeville, Alabama 36460
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