About Maryvale Family Resource & Early Education Center

In Los Angeles in the mid-1800s there was no child welfare systemno safety net for the underserved. Children who were orphaned or abandoned found themselves roaming the streets, struggling for survival and entirely dependent on the generosity of strangers.

Over the years, Maryvales evolution from an orphanage to an agency providing care for foster youth mirrors the development of the child welfare system in the United States as a whole. Maryvale has grown far beyond its initial role of providing for every childs basic needs in a loving and stable atmosphere; Maryvale is a multidisciplinary agency working to prepare girls and young women to rise above past hardship and prepare for future success through trauma recovery, educational programs, life skills and a wealth of other support. In addition, Maryvale has expanded its programs to address the factors that can result in children being abused or neglected, focusing significant resources and expertise on strengthening families and the community.

Maryvale Family Resource & Early Education Center

Jeanette Valdez,
2502 Huntington Dr.
Duarte, California 91010
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