About SingletonAuman P.C. - Chester Office

Our reputation for innovation and integrity has been unmatched among full-service CPA firms in Northeastern California for over 50 years. We've built that reputation by providing services tailored to meet our client's needs, and in doing so, have become the largest CPA firm in the area.

Since we planted our roots here in 1945, the community has relied on us for financial and business expertise encompassing an array of industries as diverse as our geography. For us accounting is much more than working with numbers. It's about relationships.

We take pride in our technical expertise and business acumen and, with our knowledge of the community and local economy, give personal attention to all of our clients to assist them with today's business and help them build a stronger tomorrow.

Our clients include large and small companies, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations and individuals in such varied industries as retail, service industries, construction, agriculture and real estate. Our tax department's experience mirrors the make-up of our community's diverse demographics, including specific knowledge of the tax issues faced by those employed by the government and those who are retired.

SingletonAuman P.C. - Chester Office

John Auman,
328 Main St.
Chester, California 96020
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