About IDShield - Legal Shield

Kroll and LegalShield built IDShield to monitor a consumer’s identity from multiple angles and provide easy, direct access to full-time, licensed private investigators specializing in identity restoration.

Who do you want to protect your identity? IDShield is the better product in the marketplace, and consumers need to be able to trust and depend on the company protecting and restoring your identity. Heres why?

1.) IDShield is the only identity theft service with a network of private investigators. 2.) IDShield backs up its promise it will do “whatever it takes for as long as it takes” with a $5 million service guarantee.  What this means is Kroll will spend up to $5 Million dollars to restore your identity. 3. Kroll is the global leader in Risk Management Services and ID Theft solutions.

When it comes to identity theft, the best approach is to have a product in place before the next incident happen. Many of you may already have Identity Theft Plans; however our plan supersedes anything out there; we never tell anyone to cancel their plan but to just compare plans. This service is always on watch & IDShield provides you with more, for less.

Please Protect Your identity-I can help you!


IDShield - Legal Shield

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