About African Safari Wildlife Park

African Safari Wildlife Park is the Midwest's only Drive-Thru safari park! Get up-close and personal with the animals from the comfort of your own vehicle. Treat you and your family to an experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Dates, hours, shows, exhibits, and rates subject to change without advance notice. Some animals may be exhibited in pens. Keep car doors closed at all times. Jeep and convertibles must have top and doors on to travel through the park. You can unzip or roll down your windows. Do not hang out of your car. Feed only from cup provided and hold the bottom of the cup while feeding. No feeding animals from your hands. Outside Food is not permitted. Obey feeding and NO feeding zone signs. Do not pet the animals. Stay in your car. Feed right, Pass left. Stay in your car in case of an emergency. Sound your horn and flash your lights. The speed limit is 5mph. Enter at your own risk.

African Safari Wildlife Park is Open Daily rain or shine and we think you will enjoy the park in a variety of weather conditions! Like most parks in the country, we do not offer rain checks. If it rains during your visit you may request a 50% off return pass (available only by request and only during your initial visit).

African Safari Wildlife Park

Kelsey Keller ,
267 S Lightner Road
Port Clinton, Ohio 48067
Access our Mobile App by texting ASWPARK to 21777