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The year 2013 was a defining moment in world history. Confronted with the reality that the religious liberties of the Christian business community were under attack, we had to once again reignite and strengthen our influence and Purpose. During our times of reflection and discernment, we were plagued with more questions than answers, but ultimately the two biggest challenges boiled down to Why would a thriving Christian business community be the right thing to promote and build? and What would have to be done for it to come to fruition?

It was in that moment that the manifestation of our movement was born and the multilayered meaning behind Look Faith First came to be. The power we recognized in a thriving Christian business community was that a Christians love is not limited by political leanings, lifestyle choices, or alignment on any beliefs. Our love is limitless because Christs love is limitless, which means that though we may choose to withhold our support or even acceptance of an individuals decisions, it does not limit the amount of compassion we have for that persons soul and well-being.

In a world where differing beliefs are chastised, and in some cases even met with violence, a stable Christian community would usher our rights back into the hands of the One who gave them to us, God the Almighty, and away from the imperfect human beings who wished to conditionally grant them to us. Look Faith First is a CALL TO ACTION on how we should live our lives every day in our homes, in our communities, and in our businesses and to willfully and audaciously represent what living that life means.

In addition, Look Faith First was a call to action for the Christian consumer community to be intentional with every dollar they spend, knowing that a dollar invested in the Christian business community was one more that would go toward strengthening Christs impact on the world. As Christians we are called to be stewards of the gifts bestowed upon us, and a thriving Christian business community has the ability to impact the world like few others by our example, influence, and wealth. However, to make such a request of the Christian consumer community does not come without conditions and expectations.

As a facilitator, Look Faith First developed guidelines to maintain the purity and intention of the movement. For consumers, we have developed our Look Faith First Consumer Pledge to provide a blueprint for how you can contribute to a thriving Christian business community. For business owners, we have developed the Look Faith First Business Covenant to set minimum standards and practices to be worthy of such a gift, and to act as a model for what a Christian business should represent.

Look Faith First

Frederick "Coach" West III,
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