About Play Unplugged Spanish Fork

Play Unplugged helps kids PLAY. It does so by encouraging active lifestyles and promoting healthy activities. The incentive programs not only work but simulate your local economy as well. What makes this program so effective? Simply put, it gives bored kids and busy parents something to do all summer long, it gives participants something tangible to collect, but most importantly it involves the entire community. Imagine a program thats not only fun and sustainable, but provides a boost to your local economy while being self sufficient as well as politically neutral. Getting active has never been so much fun!

The Play Unplugged Incentive Cycle: Play Unplugged is all about building a symbiotic relationship between kids, parents and local businesses. This relationship creates an incentive for all to participate in the program as one motivates the other. It begins with kids who are motivated by the incentive of a highly collectable reward called a Brag Badge. This reward helps solve the Im bored problem between kids and parents. In turn, this provides incentive for parents to help kids receive the reward by taking them to participating local businesses. Local businesses are incentivized by the opportunity of meeting potential new clients therefore giving them the desire to participate in the program. The incentive cycle is repeated over and over throughout the summer. Kids are happy, parents are happy, local businesses are happy. Everyone wins!

The Play Unplugged Brag Badge: So what is a Play Unplugged Brag Badge? A Brag Badge is a plastic tag somewhat resembling a military dog tag that represents a Play Unplugged challenge or activity. The tag is given out by a local business to participants who have completed the activity. Each tag has been sequentially numbered and contains the title of the activity, the name of the sponsoring business, as well as a point allocation. The more difficult the activity associated to the tag, the higher the points. These points can then be tracked and used in drawings, contests, etc. Special attention to every detail has been considered to ensure each tag maintains a highly collectable feel and desirability. Brag Badges are purchased by local businesses who decide what activity or challenge they wish to sponsor. The more fun and exciting the activity, the greater number of participants will come to redeem the tag. In turn, the more exposure and foot traffic for the local business.

Play Unplugged Spanish Fork

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