About Us Tropical Wellness Center

We offer compassionate and comprehensive care and PHP treatment for patients, their families and their communities. Our private addition treatment center is committed to providing superior, humane service and individualized treatment by knowledgeable, skilled and caring professional staff. Our addition treatment center also accepts young adults and adults patients for all walks of life who are struggling with alcohol addition, drug addition, prescription drugs abuse and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Patients at Tropical Wellness Center can trust that their privacy will be respected at all times-comfortable. What makes us so unique? We offer private and double rooms, cell phones and driving privileges are normal parts of treatment. At TWC outpatients and private substance abuse treatment staff will be conducted professionally with respect and understanding for clients needs. A full spectrum of optimum care options ensures that patients obtain the amount intensity of treatment they need without unnecessary restrictions and control. TWC is a place of new beginnings.

Tropical Wellness Center

Rick Bertel,
4700 Dixie Highway
Melbourne , Florida 32905
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