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Welcome to Worthit2u.net. This website is Worth County, Georgias only daily news source provided through investigative reporting and free to the citizens of the county. Not only does worthit2u.net provide daily news coverage for the entire county, but also includes personal features, local sports coverage, valuable information links, local pet adoptions available through our Community Pet Page, classifieds, obituaries, occasional humorous anecdotes and so much more.

We are a licensed business with fellow business and local establishments advertising needs being one of our tops our priorities. We understand the importance to support and promote local business entities of this sort. Our team consists of various freelance reporters including Sherry Walls, offering nearly four years in local investigative reporting with the SylvesterLocal News, over ten years in media sales including local television, radio and print, publicized freelance contributions to Tri-County Scene Magazine, Cordele Dispatch, and In-the-Game Magazine; Business Owner and Manager, Deborah Robinson, a former County Clerk in Worth County, having over 15 years of comprehensive experience in managing Human Resource, senior administration and department management. She also has operated as a successful business entrepreneur for several years.

Worthit2u.net will strive to keep our local website visitors satisfied with this new business created especially for the citizens of the greatest county in the state. This information site for Worth County is also available to web visitors worldwide. Numerous news sources visit our site for information and local news coverage information of stories recently sparking local and national attention. We have also received positive feedback from citizens in surrounding counties on our effort and information offered. Our official launch date was October 1st, 2009. As of June 29, 2010, Site Meter averages display nearly 1000 visits per day and over 3000 page views daily. This makes Worthit2u.net an excellent outlet for local businesses to advertise.

We continue to promote and advertise the Worthit2u.net website, which was created especially for Worth County.


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