About Puentes Language Programs

Puentes means "Bridges" in Spanish. Our goal is to bridge the cultural gaps in our community, and we believe that language is key in that process.

Puentes provides a fun, intensive language experience for introductory and intermediate level students. Taught entirely in the target language, we offer various classes that will immerse the learner in interesting and useful languages in the same way they learned their native language. With age-appropriate interactive games, cultural activities, songs, crafts, food, conversation, and TPRS Storytelling, the student will progress rapidly in their language ability while having a lot of fun.

All of our classes are immersion, teaching IN the language, not ABOUT the language, so you can focus on communicating and not on memorizing!

To promote multi-cultural awareness and an appreciation of diversity through language.

Puentes Language Programs

1605 S. Phillippi
Boise, Idaho 83705
Access our Mobile App by texting PUENTESLP to 72727