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Welcome to Live ADHD Free. We offer personalized ADHD coaching for adults, students, executives, couples, and business leaders. Founded by Carol Gignoux, M.Ed., Live ADHD Free focuses on helping those with ADHD live a better life. Carol is one of the longest-serving ADHD coaches and coach trainers in the industry.

Her pioneering approach ensures permanent behavior change. Combining over 40 years of experience with the latest research, Carol offers ADHD coaching programs as a business consultant and family counselor. Her goal is to bring out the best in her clients withInnovator's brains.

Carol named her business Live ADHD Free after years of witnessing the handicapping influence the label ADHD had the situation. We can help.reframeNationally recognized as a public speaker, Carol conducts seminars, workshops, and training across the country for those with ADHD and their families. Her key message to anyone impacted by ADHD is that its not a handicap.

It's a different learning style that has its advantages. You just need to learn how to over clients and friends. It made them feel less intelligent and less capable. She learned from her career in ADHD coaching with over a thousand clients that this wasn't true. Carol invented the name: Live ADHD Free to mean living free of the stigma of being labeled ADHD, a psychiatric reference that we now know to be false.

Live ADHD Free

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