About Barberton Community Development Corp.

Founded in 1985, the Barberton Community Development Corporation (BCDC) is a tax-exempt, non-political entity whose mission is to create wealth for the citizens of Barberton, Ohio. Our work fuels economic development with business financing aimed at creating and retaining jobs in the city to enhance its tax base. We can summarize our goals, aspirations, and dreams with just one word: jobs.

The mission of the Barberton Community Development Corporation is to enhance the City of Barberton's quality of life through the creation and preservation of healthy businesses and quality jobs. We accomplish our mission by working with companies that are relocating to or expanding within the city of Barberton.

The BCDC is a catalyst for positive change in the creation of economic wealth for Barberton. Through our efforts we intend that Barberton will become known as a good place to do business, a place where there is a culture that values, mentors and inspires business and institutions to invest here, expand here, create jobs here, and provide a good workplace for their employees.

Through our efforts, Barberton will become known throughout Summit County and the Northeast Ohio region as a destination location for businesses where their potential can be cultivated and realized.

We want to create an atmosphere where our existing platform businesses can thrive, expand, and create a synergistic attraction to other businesses and institutions that are like-minded.

Barberton Community Development Corp.

Scott Wagner,
139 E. Tuscarawas Ave.
Barberton, Ohio 44203
Access our Mobile App by texting BCDCORP to 72727