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Image Source has been a trusted office automation vendor since 1984.

There are over 1.2 billion pages under PrintCare contracts and 2.6 billion annual pages copied or printed under Image Source contracts.

Image Source has experienced over 440% growth since 2008.

We'll assist your organization in creating and maintaining current technology strategies.

Image Source also is the largest reseller of 3D Systems in California.

Photocopier (also known as a copier or copy machine) is a machine that makes paper copies of documents and other visual images quickly and cheaply. Most current photocopiers use a technology called xerography, a dry process that uses electrostatic charges on a light-sensitive photoreceptor to first attract and then transfer toner particles (a powder) onto paper in the form of an image. Heat, pressure or a combination of both is then used to fuse the toner onto the paper. (Copiers can also use other technologies such as ink jet, but xerography is standard for office copying.)

Xerographic office photocopying was introduced by Xerox in 1959,[1] and it gradually replaced copies made by Verifax, Photostat, carbon paper, mimeograph machines, and other duplicating machines. The prevalence of its use is one of the factors that prevented the development of the paperless office heralded early in the digital revolution.

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