About Lucidi Distilling Co @ Firestation No 1

Lucidi Distilling Co. is located in the Old Town Peoria Entertainment District and is housed at the Historic Fire Station No. 1. Originally constructed in 1920 as Peorias first movie theater, the building later became our first fire station in 1954. Operating as a fire station until 2006, this historic building has housed many of our citys vital first responders over the years. That character and attitude are still found within the original brick and concrete walls. In an effort to show our appreciation, and more importantly to honor our past, the name on the building remains: FIRE STATION NO. 1.

Lucidi Distilling Co. makes daily mash runs using state of the art equipment, along with its hybrid pot still. At 330 gallons capacity, running one shift per day, we can easily make up to 120,000 bottles of spirits per year. We are crafting (and in some cases importing) 22 batch flavors of vodka and moonshine (coming soon), along with gins, whiskeys, bourbons, agave spirits, rums, bitters, and other miscellaneous specialty spirits. We have scheduled tours 2 days a week and would love to show you just how much care goes into each and every bottle. Generous samplings and a cocktail are included of course. You can even buy a full bottle of your favorite spirit to take with you. You can find all of the tasty details and book an appointment on the Tours page.

Lucidi Distilling Co @ Firestation No 1

Chris Lucidi,
8307 W Washington St
Peoria, Arizona 85345
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