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Tired of being a landlord? Moving? Divorce? Upsizing or downsizing? Just need to sell your house and don't want to worry about repairs? Contact REI Group California for a fair offer on your home! We are looking for properties that need any level of repair and have CASH BUYERS nationwide! Out of state investments welcome!

Work in the real estate business? Contact us for a partnership! We are always looking for local business owners to support. Agents, Brokers, Contractors, Title Attorneys, Bankers etc. all welcome! Let's build our businesses together!

Want to get involved in real estate but unsure how? Contact us to find out about being a contributing buyer or property finder! Know someone selling their home? Found a vacant property? Send the lead to us and if we close on the house, WE PAY YOU! Let's make our first deal together!
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WanderCom LLC

Amber Lea,
10856 Ease Ave R2
Littlerock, California 91342
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