About Health-eDeals

My name is Mike and I have been a health insurance agent/broker for two years, and have been extremely fortunate to be representing an affordable option that has not been taken away through the Affordable Care Act mandates.

Product that offers:

Open Enrollment All Year Round

Permanent Plan

PPO Nationwide Network

Approximately Half The Cost Of Obamacare

Premium Lock - Never Have a Price Increase

Coverage Includes 90 days Out of Country

Zero or Low Deductible Plans

Optional Wellness & Office Visits Available

Benefits Include Naturopathic MD's (NMD or DO)

Perfect Plan for Individuals or Families!

It would be a privilege to speak with you regarding how I can assist you with questions on your current coverage, open enrollment Information, updates, options, penalties vs. no penalties, executive orders, and their effect, etc.

There is never a charge for my services, it's always a free consultation!

I look forward to helping you in any way that I can.

Thank you!

Mike Boucos.


Mike Boucos,

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