About Learn4Life Concept Charter Schools

Learn4Life is a nonprofit Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) partner that offers a FREE accredited high school diploma program and job skills training for local students up to the age of 24.

Our mission is a clear one: recover those students who have dropped out or who are in danger of dropping out and get them into a school. Motivate them, mentor them, counsel them and of course, teach them.

It's a shared idea that all of us, whether in school or not, should always be learning for our lives. Education has the power to save lives. Nowhere is that truer than among opportunity youth, those who are at the highest risk of dropping out and foregoing their education.

A group of public charter schools are working together with that shared belief, offering a free high school diploma program that develops individualized learning programs for each student. The mission of these schools is to serve opportunity youth and engage each student in the learning process in the most productive and meaningful way to optimize their learning potential and success.

Learn4Life Concept Charter Schools

William Thornhill,
177 Holston Drive
Lancaster, California 93535
(661) 272-1225
Access our Mobile App by texting LEARN4LIFE to 72727